New: React trainings

PWA is hot in Magento and one of the proven technologies to build PWAs with is React. We have dived into React for you and can guide you into the stuff that matters: React architecture, Redux, Apollo, GraphQL, Venia, Peregrine.

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Beware: An unfriendly Brexit is upon us

Our TaxRatesManager extension brings peace

With the chance for an unfriendly Brexit becoming bigger, it is important to make sure that all EU tax rates are properly configured in Magento: Our TaxRatesManager extension for Magento 1 and 2 guarantees that tax percentages are up-to-date and descriptions are accurate. We'll make sure that any EU tax change is applied to your Magento store automatically, as soon as the change takes effect.

Increasing Magento 2 extension quality

With Magento 2, coding standards have been brought to a new level. Still, it is hard to find good solid extensions that do not give any issues. To help the Magento community increase extension quality and thus add more value for Magento shop owners, Yireo has joined ExtDN (the Magento Extension Developer Network): Together, we are working on code checks, Magento Marketplace validations, support standards and compatibility with rising standards like PWA. We are here to help you use stable extensions.

Magento 2 Development Trainings

We have trained more than 350 developers in Magento 2 since its stable release in November 2015: Either for Magento 1 developers that cross over to Magento 2, or fresh PHP programmers that are new to Magento 2. With our didactics you can be sure that concepts like Dependency Injection and code generation are explained well, while also giving you the practical input to get started quickly.

Our #magento2 work in progress